Saturday, 23 May 2015

#6MMRPC Plans and Phase One

This week I thought I would outline the first projects I would like to complete for the #6MMRPC and to this end I have taken a load of WIP shots. 

Since my Lead Mountain™ is so extensive I've decided it would be best to tackle it in a number of phases:
  • Phase One: 15mm Collection
    I'm really loving this scale at the moment, so I would like to finish it off, especially because of how close I am to completing it already. The majority of the minis are done, and I want to complete my terrain.
  • Phase Two: 28mm Sci-Fi
    This collection is mostly made up of Mantic's Deadzone miniatures which I am repurposing for generic sci-fi skirmishes. I have lots of terrain painted up, but very few minis. I'll also be focusing on rebasing some finished models onto clear acrylic bases to suit the battle mats I now own.
  • Phase Three: Steampunk/Warmahordes
    This collection is about a village worth of steampunk MDF buildings (from Impudent Mortal that I got through their kickstarters that I haven't gotten around to finishing yet) and some custom Iron Kingdoms/Unleashed themed miniatures that I would prefer for skirmish rather than actual Warmachine/Hordes games.
    I may also complete the rest of my Trollbloods miniatures.
I'm really looking forward to this project and may actually start before June! The very last purchases I have made and are waiting on are some small 15mm fantasy warbands and 15mm terrain accessories that will do double duty for sci-fi and post-apoc.

Photos after the jump!


First squad of Chuhuac from Loud Ninja Games (these were part of my birthday present from my wife this year). Still trying to work out the colour scheme. I also gave them two support options in the form of a heavy weapons T-Rex (Microworld Games) and a combat beast (Mantic teraton from Dreadball).

The blob! Alien/Mutant also from Loud Ninja Games.

Sith Lord (mantic Dreadball Xtreme mvp) vs GZG human. Both of these have been given lightsabers made from thin wire.

Floating drone from Mad Robot Miniatures.

This pair are some minor conversions. The left guy has a CP Model chimp head on a GZG reaver with a bigger knife/sword. The right is an Ikwen from Loud Ninja with a weapon swap, pack and shoulder armour sculpted on. Vergan civvies (musician, trader, civilian). Galactic Knights, also given the lightsaber treatment.

Another assortment of aliens. Really like the big guy.


A gang of mutant miscreants from Loud Ninja Games. Really like the character of these guys.
The big mutant is a slightly modified troll.


The start of my 15mm fantasy collection, three trolls from

Motor Pool


These are the awesome fantasy buildings from that my lovely wife ordered for my birthday this year. GZG human for scale.

These are an assortment of scatter terrain pieces. The idea for the planters was stolen from Dr De'Ath from LAF (here).

These are going to be goods on pallets/objectives.

More objective pieces, the centre one is finished.

These three are 3D prints that I found on Thingiverse and printed at work while I was calibrating our 3D printer. An alien/Sith monument, Escape/Drop Pod and strange alien beacon.
GZG human for scale.


  1. Brilliant collection of stuff to work're sorely tempting me to spend jokers on 15mm sci-fi! I'll be looking forward to watching how you progress! And congrats on having a hobby supportive wife!

    1. Thanks! I am very lucky, my wife colluded with Gavin to make sure she ordered stuff that I didn't have.

  2. Wow, that is a nice diverse collection there.

    Hope you are having fun painting it all.