Saturday, 23 May 2015

#6MMRPC Plans and Phase One

This week I thought I would outline the first projects I would like to complete for the #6MMRPC and to this end I have taken a load of WIP shots. 

Since my Lead Mountain™ is so extensive I've decided it would be best to tackle it in a number of phases:
  • Phase One: 15mm Collection
    I'm really loving this scale at the moment, so I would like to finish it off, especially because of how close I am to completing it already. The majority of the minis are done, and I want to complete my terrain.
  • Phase Two: 28mm Sci-Fi
    This collection is mostly made up of Mantic's Deadzone miniatures which I am repurposing for generic sci-fi skirmishes. I have lots of terrain painted up, but very few minis. I'll also be focusing on rebasing some finished models onto clear acrylic bases to suit the battle mats I now own.
  • Phase Three: Steampunk/Warmahordes
    This collection is about a village worth of steampunk MDF buildings (from Impudent Mortal that I got through their kickstarters that I haven't gotten around to finishing yet) and some custom Iron Kingdoms/Unleashed themed miniatures that I would prefer for skirmish rather than actual Warmachine/Hordes games.
    I may also complete the rest of my Trollbloods miniatures.
I'm really looking forward to this project and may actually start before June! The very last purchases I have made and are waiting on are some small 15mm fantasy warbands and 15mm terrain accessories that will do double duty for sci-fi and post-apoc.

Photos after the jump!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

First post and plans for #6MMRPC

Hello Internet!
Welcome to my first post for my Wargaming blog. I'll be using this blog to track and document my Wargaming hobby and to participate in my first #6MMRPC as outlined here.

At this stage I'm planning on finishing off my 15mm space opera collection and my 28mm scifi/post-apoc skirmish minis and terrain. 

If I can get through those, might move on to my fantasy skirmish pile. 

I'll be posting detailed info on my progress on this blog and also WIPs on my Instagram account.